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Car Air Conditioning Servicing

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Air Conditioning Servicing

Is your vehicle cool enough for you? Most modern cars now have air conditioning systems included as standard. Air conditioning systems, just like an engine, need to be serviced regularly.

Every year, on average, a system loses between 10%-15% of its refrigerated gases. This means that the system will not cool as effectively, and it is possible that, if gas pressure falls below a certain level the system will shut down. Now could be the best time to have your system serviced especially if you have not done so for a while, contact the air conditioning servicing specialists in Bedfordshire.

When you bring your vehicle in to us at Jackson and Phillips Automotive Services Ltd we will first measure the amount of pressure in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. If it is low, we will add enough air conditioning gas to bring the reading within your manufacturer’s specifications.

We will then run your car for a few minutes with the air conditioning on high and we use a special thermometer to measure your system’s output. If it is not within the necessary parameters, you may have a leak somewhere in your system.

The best way to keep your compressor from failing is to have your air conditioning system serviced once a year, including the addition of the right kind of lubrication for your unit.

If you are looking for air conditioning servicing in contact us to see how we can help.

Our Service Includes:

  • Old oil and gas removed
  • Leaks checked – including inspecting for cracks
  • Air conditioning system vacuumed
  • Gas impurities burnt off
  • Tracer dye (if needed) added to the system
  • New oil added to the system
  • To the manufacturers’ specification, refrigerant gas added
  • Operating pressures tested
  • Cooling effect tested
  • Further diagnostic investigation or servicing (if required)

What Our Customers Say

Jackson & Phillips team very helpful always find they give a great service and would recommend them to any one.

Mr Whales

Jackson & Phillips are an excellent firm, I have taken my cars to them for the past ten years.

Mrs Adam

Used Jackson & Phillips for the past 8 yrs, highly recommend the company. Staff polite and efficient, excellent quick repair on my vehicle yesterday, many thanks

Martin Johnson

I have used Jackson & Phillips for many years for my cars and vans. They always deliver a good reliable service. All the people who work there are always helpful and polite.

John Turner

Excellent customer service, very happy with work that was done.

Katherine Ring

Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone

Mr Brazier

Excellent work, great service and very reliable. They've been my one stop shop for all my car issues for 5 years and I've no plans to change.

Mr Flood

Jackson & Phillips are a friendly, hard working, and trustworthy company who do all their work in the best interest of the customer.

Jack Dean

This business is outstanding, they've looked after our family cars for the last 15 years, completely reliable and trustworthy and a high standard of work. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Dave G

Reliable, knowledgeable, very accommodating: I needed a small job doing on a Saturday morning, no appointment, they found a space and I was gone in 20 mins. Have been using them for years, wouldn't think of going elsewhere.

Mr Wells

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The outstanding benefits of an air conditioning service

Not getting the icy breeze you once did from your vehicle's air conditioning system? If this is the case, it’s time to discover the phenomenal benefits of a professional vehicle air conditioning service, including an aircon re-gas.

The benefits of an air conditioning system service include:

  • Optimal Cooling Performance

    The main benefit of getting your car or van's air conditioning system serviced is undoubtedly regaining that optimal cooling performance. To make this happen, our expert mechanics check the entire system, making sure there aren’t any refrigerant leaks and also refill the gas to the manufacturer's recommended level.

  • Better fuel efficiency

    By getting your car or van's air conditioning system serviced, you not only keep yourself cool, you also help the vehicle consume fuel more efficiently. This is because an air conditioning system that hasn’t been serviced puts unnecessary strain on the engine, especially if it’s leaking refrigerant and needs to work harder.

  • Improved in-car air quality

    By getting your vehicle's aircon system regularly serviced by an air conditioning expert, you naturally improve the condition of the air circulating your vehicle. The reason for this is that an air conditioning system sucks up dirt, debris and pollutants as it works, and if not filtered, many of these come through to the inside of the vehicle.

  • Lower repair bills

    When you get us to regularly service your vehicle's air conditioning system, we’ll be able to spot potential issues, such as leaking refrigerant or minor malfunctioning. By finding these issues and remedying them as early as possible, we can help prevent you from facing a potentially more expensive repair at a later date.

  • An extended system lifespan

    Just like any other mechanical component, if not maintained regularly, a vehicle's air conditioning system will start to fail, and not last as long as you’d expect. By getting us to check it over once or twice a year, we’ll help reduce natural wear and tear, helping to extend the lifespan and maintain optimal performance for longer.

  • Comfort all year round

    We rely on the air conditioning in our vehicles a lot more than we realise, and the cool air it produces allows us to drive for longer, and in more comfort. With a regular, professional aircon service you’ll get that cool and comfortable feeling all year round, even during the heatwave they promise us every year.

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In addition to keeping your vehicle cool during the warmer months of the year, our air conditioning service also removes bacteria and contaminents from the system which in turn can remove odours.

Extensive Industry Experience

Our air conditioning service starts from just £50 + Gas (Per Gram) + VAT and our team will work to the manufacturers’ specification, refrigerant gas added. We have extensive knowledge across a huge variety of brands.

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At Jackson & Phillips, we can service your vehicle's air conditioning at extremely competitive prices for all types of car and van. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment.

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