All You Need To Know About An Engine Detox Treatment

As a vehicle owner, you probably know the importance of regular maintenance to ensure the smooth running of your engine. But, have you heard about the outstanding benefits of an Engine Detox Treatment? An Engine Detox Treatment is a specialised service designed to cleanse and revitalise your engine by removing harmful carbon deposits that can, and often do, affect the performance and the efficiency of your vehicle. In this short article, we delve into what an Engine Detox Treatment is, the benefits you can gain, the signs you may need one, whether an Engine Detox Treatment is a good investment, and where it’s best to get one.

What is an Engine Detox Treatment?

An Engine Detox Treatment, aka EDT, is an advanced treatment that targets the build-up of carbon in your engine. Over time, these carbon deposits accumulate on various engine components, including valves, fuel injectors etc.

An Engine Detox Treatment works by delivering specialised cleaning agents (hydrogen technology) to the components mentioned, to remove the harmful carbon deposits, and to help restore the engine's optimal function, which includes:

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  • Improving performance – With an Engine Detox Treatment, the performance of your vehicle should improve, leading to an increase in power and responsiveness, as well as the elimination of sluggish acceleration, and rough idling.

  • Increasing fuel efficiency – By having an Engine Detox Treatment carried out by a reputable engine detox professional, and assuming your engine doesn’t have any serious issues, fuel efficiency can be increased by up to 25%.

  • Lowering emissions output – One of the main benefits of an Engine Detox Treatment, is that it can lower your engine's CO output by up to 69%, helping you stay within the law, and helping protect the environment for future generations.

When should you consider an Engine Detox Treatment?

Generally, we’d suggest an Engine Detox Treatment every 18,000 miles, or during an annual service, whichever comes first. But, if your vehicle’s never had an engine detox, there are a few signs you may need one, which include:

  • A decline in performance – This could be significantly reduced fuel efficiency, or sluggishness during acceleration.

  • Excessive noise – Excessive noise could point to various issues, one of which could be carbon-covered components.

  • Irregular idling – A sporadic change to idling speed could also be the result of a carbon build-up on vital components.

  • Failed emissions test – Carbon build-up is one of the prime reasons vehicles fail emissions tests.

Additionally - if your vehicle has been subjected to frequent short trips or poor-quality fuel, the potential for carbon deposits to build up increases, so it’s best to get it looked over by a professional mechanic.

Is an Engine Detox Treatment worth the investment?

Yes, an Engine Detox Treatment is definitely worth the investment. Not only does it help to improve the performance of your engine, but the intense cleaning process is also proven to prolong the lifespan. Also, the improved fuel efficiency can lead to long-term savings at the fuel pump, and, the extended lifespan of major components, such as pistons and fuel pumps etc., could also mean cheaper vehicle servicing overall.

Where can I get an Engine Detox Treatment?

Many good mechanics garages now offer EDT (Engine Detox Treatments), but, before handing any money over, check that the garage is reputable, and if possible, ask around, or check online for reviews and testimonials.

Engine Detox Treatment in Leighton Buzzard

If you live in or around Leighton Buzzard, pop down to Jackson & Phillips for your Engine Detox Service. We’ve got a team of highly-experienced mechanics ready to get the job done, and to answer any questions you may have.

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