What is an engine diagnostics test, and 3 key benefits

Ever had a problem with your car or van, such as a strange noise, excessive smoking, a flashing dashboard light, or a loss of power, and wished there was a way to find out exactly what the issue was, without getting your hands dirty?

Well, you’re in luck, because there is a way – it’s called an engine diagnostics test, and in this short article we briefly go into what an engine diagnostic test is, and give you 3 of the key benefits you get from having an engine diagnostics test.

What is an engine diagnostics test?

In essence, an engine diagnostics test is a more efficient way to find out how your car is running or whether it has an issue that needs resolving, without having to remove or physically inspect parts or strip the engine down.

To get a clearer understanding of an engine diagnostics test, think of it like a blood test, where doctors analyse your blood for specific abnormalities, which gives them an indication to which part of your body has the problem.

In a similar way, when you have an engine diagnostics test, the diagnostic specialist will use diagnostic equipment to analyse the codes of your vehicle's onboard computer (also called ECU), to locate an issue, or to check the vehicle's overall health.


What does an engine diagnostics test check?

An engine diagnostics test will mostly check components around your engine and parts connected to it, as well as other vital components, depending on the type and make and model of your vehicle. These could include:

  • Engine management systems
  • Transmission
  • Accelerator (throttle)
  • Ignition coils
  • ABS braking systems
  • Lights
  • Power steering
  • Exhaust systems
A point to remember…

It’s important to remember, although an amazing tool which benefits mechanics and vehicle owners, engine diagnostics equipment won’t give a precise reason for an issue, but it will point the mechanic to the relevant part to be checked.

3 Key benefits of an engine diagnostics test

An engine diagnostics test, aka ‘car diagnostics test’ or ‘vehicle diagnostics check’, has various benefits for both private and commercial vehicle owners. The three standout benefits of engine diagnostics include:

  1. Engine diagnostics saves you money and time

    As already explained, engine diagnostics is a way to diagnose or locate an issue with your vehicle, without the need to manually inspect or remove any parts. This in turn saves you money in mechanic labour costs, and time, especially if after a physical inspection, the issue or fault is found to be elsewhere.

  2. Engine diagnostics help prevent future issues

    By getting an annual engine diagnostics test, you’re able to keep an eye on the performance of your vehicle's vital components and find out if an issue needs attention. By doing this, you help prevent issues leading to more complex and potentially more expensive repair work, or breakdowns in the future.

  3. Engine diagnostics help improve performance

    An engine diagnostics check is also a great way to improve the overall performance of your vehicle, especially where acceleration and fuel consumption are concerned. This would be done by analysing your vehicles current performance and fuel consumption, and making various adjustments to fuel injection and exhaust systems etc.

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